The 17 Day Diet, Migraines & Tupperware

Tupperware-2Sometime back in July 2012, my husband and I began the 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno.

I first saw Dr. Moreno on The Dr. Phil Show. As with any diet, it is a process to get started. In my case, I had to get my husband to buy into it. You see, he buys all the groceries in our house. He has done so for many years. Long ago he realized that if he was going to do all the cooking, which he has for 30 years or more, he would have to buy the groceries. Plus, there is no way I could ever be on a diet alone. I personally would not have the willpower to watch someone else eat a different meal each night. I just couldn’t. We were never much into dieting. We did try the South Beach Diet many, many years ago. Wonderful recipes and good eating, but we didn’t see the results we saw with The 17 Day Diet.

While trying to convince my husband we both needed this, I would say, “You can anything for 17 days!” Eventually he agreed, so I purchased the book and realized the plan was four cycles of 17 days. I thought to myself, “He doesn’t need to know this yet.” Ha!

You must read the book.

According to WebMD website, The 17 Day diet promotes clean eating that adjusts your body’s metabolism to help you shed pounds quickly but in an effective, healthy way.

To truly accept this lifestyle change you must understand the reason why particular foods are eliminated and why certain foods are introduced back when they are. I understood. But now I had to convince hubby to ‘READ THE BOOK’. I put it by his bedside and found him one evening reading it. Shortly after that we began out 17 day journey. Dr Moreno explains the reasoning behind every choice he made for the diet plan so, “You have to read the book!”

Being a fabulous cook, my husband understood substitutions. He made every meal taste so good. We were enjoying the experience especially when we learned that we could have one cheat day a week within reason, one coffee a day and one drink a week. I won’t get into the particulars of the diet here. Check out this WebMD website for a great explanation of each cycle of the plan after you have read my BLOG.

Vegetables and fruit were a big part of our eating plan. Fortunately, we liked both but didn’t always include them unless it was dictated to us by some plan.

Oh, by the way, the second book, ‘The 17 Day Diet Workbook’ is worth its weight in gold. I especially like the 17 Day Diet Shopping list. It is so easy to copy or tear out those few pages to take to the grocery store to be your guide. Each food listed tells which cycle it will fit. Love it! No, I didn’t go shopping!

Exercise is a very important part of this lifestyle change. We walked 45 minutes to an hour every day. We were feeling more energized and found we took the time to talk more each day as a result.

I am a migraine sufferer

Nearing the 17th day of our 17 day challenge I looked at my husband one day and said, “You know I haven’t had a migraine in two weeks!” I knew it was directly related to our eating habit. WOW! I have barely had a full week headache free in my life!

Now was a good time to watch for food triggers as I began to add food back into my diet. I did manage to single out several specific foods.

Peanut butter was very bad for me, even a tablespoon could trigger one of the worst headaches that lasted for an entire day well into the evening even if I took medication immediately upon the first symptom. I know I cannot have Chinese food even if it is stated that there is no MSG added. I love Tim Horton’s chili but after testing it on three separate occasions I cannot have it. Other food triggers are; cheddar cheese especially old cheddar, peanuts, processed meats, any red wine and most white wines. I have found I have better luck with the Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. Although there was one French wine that worked for me. Second hand smoke, perfume and the barometric pressure have always been a problem for me. (I have never understood why Shoppers Drug Mart put the perfume section at the entrance of all their new stores. Just saying!)

Anyway, I digress from the 17 Day Diet. The second cycle of the 17 Day Diet is meant to slowly introduce foods back into your system in a ‘zig zag’ manner. Moreno says that this alternating between the cycles confuses the body and continues to activate the metabolism and continue burning fat. But, there was a problem. We were going on a cruise shortly after completing the first cycle. And I heard they have fabulous desserts on the cruise. Every day! Well, there goes our plan for now.

I was not completely headache free on the cruise but the migraines were less frequent.

Check out this fabulous website, Migraine Savvy, by a migraine sufferer. It has great references and personal stories.

What does Tupperware have to do with it?

Fridge-Smarts-organizedDue to the increase in vegetables and fruit, we had an excess of them in the fridge. How to store it and keep it all fresh was a challenge until I discovered Tupperware Fridge Smarts.

These are the most fabulous containers!

You might say, “They are just containers.” But, I beg to differ. You have to actually try the Fridge Smart container to appreciate how much longer they preserve your vegetables and fruits to maintain that farm fresh flavour. They are designed with vents to allow for balanced air flow and advanced moisture protection. They come with a guide that puts vegetables or fruit into categories that require one vent, two vents or no vent open. The guide also tells you which fruit or vegetable do not belong in the fridge.

I do not use the fruit and vegetable drawers that come with your fridge for fruits or vegetables. Instead, I store yogurt, sour cream and smaller jars. They are actually much tidier there also. I usually have between 6 -7 fridge smarts in my fridge. When they are empty, I clean them and put them back in their spot. This way, no one will put something in its place which would confuse the organization.

Being a professional organizer, I am so much happier with an organized fridge more than I have ever been. And I am saving money at the same time since I throw out much less produce.

So, what did I learn from this experience?

1. The 17 Day Diet is a fabulous plan. You lose weight quickly, the food is tasty, you feel more energetic, and you are educated on how to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle

2. A lot of my migraines are food related and at any time I can reintroduce the 17 Day Diet Plan to keep my migraines at bay until I learn all of the foods that trigger them.

3. Tupperware Fridge Smarts will save me money while keeping my produce fresher longer and keeping my fridge more organized.

*If you are in Canada, you are able to order the Tupperware Fridge Smart from me. Simply fill out the contact form and put this in the comment box.