Norma Reid

Norma Reid Professional Organizer St. John'sProfessional Organizer in St. John’s NL

You could say organizing has become my obsession. Transforming chaotic spaces to a harmonious environment that works for those using it is what I do. I work with:


  • organize a garage or storage area
  • organize a home office
  • organize a pantry
  • de-clutter and organize any space
  • packing / unpacking

Business Owners

  • office planning & design
  • organize a more productive work environment
  • office set-up


  • home staging
  • property Enhancement

We help with:

  • downsizing
  • moving
  • designing and setting-up of a new home
  • finding creative ways to organize favorite cherished personal items
  • establishing an atmosphere of comfort & familiarity

Tupperware Agent

I attended a Tupperware party a few years ago hoping to find a solution to my pantry nightmare. Once there I decided I’d need enough product to organize not only my pantry, but my freezers, fridge & garage!

So I thought I might as well sell it and get a deal.

From there I began researching Tupperware products and plastics in general. In fact I now teach clients about safe plastic and healthy microwave cooking.

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