1. Why do I need a Professional Organizer?

At Home

Any life changing event requires organization and reorganization. Often times these tasks become overwhelming so they rarely get done. The downsizing and organizing process requires objectivity, practicality, and possesses efficient organizing skills. As a professional organizer with Organize for Harmony, I carry with me the skills that help you maximize your space to provide harmony and peace.

Many homeowners are time strapped and we multitask more than our parents did. Yet it appears that we accomplish less than they did.

At Work

Whether you work from your home, car or an office building, ‘Organization is Key’. You may hear the lingo ‘Time Management’. What does that mean to you? An office that is organized and efficient allows for more time since you spend less time searching for documents, files, invoices, pens, paper, etc. An office that is decorated to suit the owner creates more harmony, therefore, produces higher quality work.

On the Move

If you are planning on selling your home, you need to take stock of how much ‘stuff’ you have. Homes that are well organized and clutter free sell quicker and the homeowners receive a higher price. Organize for Harmony can de-clutter, and downsize your home thus preparing your home for sale. AKA ‘Staging’.

2. How are you going to help me?

At Home

At Organize for Harmony, I will provide you with personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. This is why it is important to complete a Needs Analysis of your space.

I help you do what you find the most difficult. To get organized! I remove obstacles that hinder productivity and harmony in your personal and/or business space.

With my organizational systems, skills and personalized organizational plan, I can help you continue to do what you love to do without that added stress, chaos and erratic disorganized atmosphere.

At Work

I can assist you with the initial set up of your home office or an office building. I can help you plan for an ergonomic space and create productive work centres.

On the Move

I will downsize, de-clutter your home in preparation for sale. I will plan for the management of your collectables and memorabilia. To assist with maintenance of the plan we develop together, I can make a plan for clutter prevention & space planning.

Offices that require reorganization and home offices often times require a Professional Organizer to restore order.

When you dispose of unwanted or unneeded items you get a renewed sense of harmony in your home. This may be a highly emotional time for you and the assistance of a professional organizer may give time to spend with loved ones who cab support you with their undivided attention.

You may have a parent or relative who is elderly or ill or you may live a long distance from them, who requires assistance with the entire downsizing and moving process. Check out  Move Seniors Lovingly, NL for details on how our company can help you and your parents.

3. How can being organized save me time and money?

Being organized allows you to thrive unencumbered by lost files, chaotic invoicing methods, misplaced agendas, torn patterns, or lost invoices that go unpaid.  Remember, Time is Money!

Many people tend to purchase similar items because they cannot find what they are looking for not to mention lost revenue due to unpaid bills such as phone bills that have been misplaced, or lost phone numbers.